adventurous morning

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I had an adventurous morning. Woke up late (around 8:30am) and had apple pancakes with my male (the other male was taking a nap). Then got dressed and went off to run errands.

At the post office, I mailed off something for Steph (watch the mail sweetie!), got Carnivorous Plants stamps, and discussed the apartment mailbox situation with the postal employee. He told me that they’re considering discontinuing mail service to apartment complexes because of security issues. *sigh* He also suggested that I get a PO box soon because they aren’t going to have enough boxes for all the apartment dwellers in D.

At SuperTarget, I finally returned the too-small cat ears I had previously gotten for David. They required a blank check for that, as I have returned too many things without receipts to Target this year. I think it returns to zero after the new year though. I’ll have to check on that. I bought sunglasses, mascara, animal crackers, Milky Way Midnights (for Nick b/c he hated the candy I brought home last night), Cream of Tartar, finely chopped walnuts, butter, and taco seasoned cheese. Yeah, weird list, I know. The mascara is for the Halloween party I’m going to, as are the baking supplies. The animal crackers are ostensibly for David, although I’ll prolly eat a fair share. The cheese is to go with the Taco Soup that ended up being odd yesterday.

I think the taco seasoning we bought for it was off-brand and old, because it really tasted like I had left it out, which I didn’t (I have an empty packet to prove it!)

Bleh. There’s something wrong with my monitor, and quite possibly the sound card (but I can’t tell that because the speakers go through the monitor). Double bleh. I can hear CD’s if I go through the CD player headphone jack, but that’s it. Oh well. Better than nothing, I guess.

If anyone wants the Puffy Apple Pancake or Taco Soup recipe, just let me know and I’ll post them. They are both excellent!