Wii…and other hazards of daily life

We got a Wii for David’s birthday. Well, not really his birthday, exactly, cause it arrived yesterday and the whole family is going to use it, but in honor of his birthday, I guess. We’d ordered it from amazon.com where the cheapest one was selling for about a hundred over the recommended price, but could ship out within two weeks (as opposed to ordering it from just about anywhere else, where it was listed either a) out of stock or b) in a $600+ bundle with games or c) I could order it and wait, wait, wait for possibly months to come in).

It arrived, surprisingly, within three days of ordering it. I wasn’t home. Of course. So we had to wait another day for Fedex to retry delivery (at which point we had boys!jumping!and!growling!with!excitement!). I opened it and put it together and tested it out a bit to make sure there was no damage during delivery, but we waited until David was home to let him have to first real gaming experience.

The Wii Sports package was pretty much a resounding success. Nick loves it, David loves it, Ben likes the parts that are easy, and I am Not Bad at bowling (just bowling). David played for an hour straight and got reallyreally sweaty and Ben played for about 35 minutes out of his hour. I played about 35 minutes and am in pain in various parts of my body today. Nick played for an unknown amount of time last night after I went to bed. He does really well at the tennis (which I suck at). Ben’s favorite part of the Wii? Making and editing his Mii.

The only problem with this whole thing? We need to move the coffee table. It’s seriously in the way. You can play with it there, but you risk life and limb due to tripping potential. Plus, having a wandering toddler around makes it very hard to play a game where your miming hitting things. Nick actually whacked Ben in the head with his knuckles when Ben tried to sneak past him (Ben’s okay today, but Nick’s hand is bruised).
(I want a different game to play, personally. I can’t wait until we get something more in tune with my personality. Apparently we can get older Nintendo games downloaded for like $10, so we’re going to try for one of those for me next week.)