This weekend we had a big storm.  With the storm came a lightning strike near our house.  That caused a power surge.  A power surge that took out two things near and dear to us:  our computer and the Wii.

Yes, we had them on surge protectors.  Yes, there were other things on those surge protectors that are just fine right now.  Which is nice, I’m sure, if I weren’t so upset about the computer and the Wii.

Fortunately, Nintendo has awesome customer support.  They’re sending us a shipping label and fixing the Wii for free.  They are the best company in the world to me right now! (The Wii still apparently runs, it’s a video issue; the music plays, the controller vibrates, etc.)

The computer we have no such luck with.  The Geek Squad (hey, they were open weekends, unlike most of the other computer repair people in town) said that a data recovery is definitely possible, but the power supply was definitely fried.  The motherboard also took a hit–it’ll stay on for 15 minutes, then shut down.  Every time.  *sigh*  And a new motherboard + a new processor = almost as much as a whole new tower.  So that’s what we’ll be doing sometime later this week, once we figure out money stuff (I’m thinking that I will not be getting a camera for my birthday is what will happen.).

And how am I blogging right now?  Using the Laptop of Doom that only sometimes works.  At least it sometimes works, right?  So at least we can pay bills and file taxes today before it dies again.  So you won’t be seeing much of me until the new computer arrives.