looking through new eyes at old things

Today has been interesting so far.

1.  We had Gregory’s 18 month well-child check-up.  He’s barely gotten bigger, height or weight-wise,  in the last six months.  The doctor said we’ll keep an eye on that.  (yeah, yeah.)  Also, he’s more bow-legged than he should be. (uh-huh, I know that; I do have eyes). The doctor is sending us on to a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.  Yay. Cause we need more specialists in our lives.  Lastly, he’s got water on the ear.  “On the ear?”  Yeah, I don’t really remember the correct term at the moment.  In any case, it’s not infected, it’s not hurting him, and it’ll more-than-likely go away on its own (hello?  have you met our family?  when do our medical issues ever ”go away on its own?”)

2.  We had a playdate with my friend BB and her kids CB, SB, & bb.  She came in and looked at my small living room (with all the furniture in the universe in it) and said “I LOVE THIS ROOM!” and proceeded to point out all the features that I do, in fact, LOVE and oftentimes forget that I love them.  She noticed the kids art and made much of things.  Her kids ”showed” my kids toys that my kids never touch and now, several hours later, my kids are still playing with those things (and in ways they’d never done before).  She also exclaimed over the kitchen gadgets that I take for granted (built-together steamer basket for my medium pot, 6-sided grater with rubber bottom; I feel like I cheated her somehow by not using the mandolin-look-alike for the carrots). She was encouraging about my scrabbled-together craft space.  She even invited my husband out to play games with her husband (who is a history-gamer geek) while us and the kids do something else together.  Anyways, our kids got along famously and one of hers didn’t want to ever go home again, which is a huge compliment, playdate-wise.

So now I’m looking at my kids and my house and my stuff with new eyes.  It’s refreshing, actually. *

* I have to admit here that I am totally helped along in this “seeing things with new eyes” phase by the fact that having one of my friends here totally made me want to finish up putting up the art & stuff that I still hadn’t gotten around to before the party.