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Happy Birthday David!

David started out his day at Nana’s house going room to room, whispering “Wake up! I’m 7 years old today!” to everyone he came across. After a long time of waiting, he finally got to open his birthday presents (from us: two small lego sets, from Nana & Pa: a Sudoku board game; he also got a Wii from us and Nana & Pa and Grandma & Grandpa). Then we had a huge brunch with lots of things he loves to eat. He ran around with this crazy hat on all morning long, indoors and out.

In the evening he came home from church to a small party all set up in the kitchen.  Our theme: revisiting birthdays past.  (In other words: we used up all the napkins, hats, blowers, cups, plates, etc from all the kid parties & baby showers we’ve had in the past.  It was actually really really fun!)  We had a backwards me: birthday cake first, then nachos & tacos.  Afterwards the kids each got to pick out a 30 minute show and we had a movie night.

Later this week he’s going to have a couple friends over to play on the Wii (we weren’t able to get in touch with them up til now–I think they gave out bad phone numbers).  It’s been a pretty good birthday for this boy.

More photos can be found here.


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