I’m double-16 today!

I like even numbered birthdays.  I can always be double some really small number and today’s is especially happy cause it’s my double-sixteenth birthday!

I haven’t really gotten any presents yet.  My camera isn’t in the budget at the moment, so I’m waiting on that and …well, I think everyone else may have forgotten my birthday.  But that’s all right.  I realized the other day that I don’t really have many friends in town any more (and the ones I have are always sooo busy)  and I haven’t really celebrated my birthday since David was born, so …I’m okay with that.  *shrug*  It’s not like anyone else I know celebrates their birthdays either.  (I’ve totally missed several friends birthdays this year.  Maybe I should give them gifts today.  It’ll be like Hobbits-meet-MayDay.  You’ll just find something on your doorstep and wonder if it was from me.  woo-hoo!)

To celebrate, so far I’ve eaten some cake, cleaned up several largish messes, played some Super Mario 2 & SuperMario 3, and then hosted a playdate (wherein several of the messes took place).  Nick brought me some pretty flowers during lunch.  After lunch I had a bit more cake (Ben wanted some: it’s his fault) and now I have one sleeping child and one child who is content to sit in a chair with his blanket & some books.  It’s nice.

This evening is a boy scout night, so we’re having easy food, but food that we don’t normally have lately: ravioli!  I love ravioli!     And then afterwards we’re having Rocky Road ice cream. Mmm…

(while I’ve been typing, child-in-the-chair has fallen asleep.  hooray!)