oh happy day!

It’s been a good week.  Aside from the hacking cough and looming threat that it will turn into pneumonia, everyone’s been really quite happy and not having too many of the meltdowns we had last week.

In other happy news, a certain very-soon-to-be-married lady sent me computer parts to repair the old computer, so instead of spending $500 for a new one, we can spend about $50 for a power supply and call it done.  (They are sooo getting a good wedding gift!)

Also in the mail came a care package from a certain beagle loving lady in Austin.  The kids loooved their little Just Add Water! toys and we’ve listened to the cd many many times now.

We got two contradictory things in the mail as well: one a letter stating that no, you can’t have money out of your medical cafeteria plan and one a check from that plan in the exact amount the previous letter said we couldn’t have.  It was exciting, really.

Ben wants you to know that his new name is Prince Swimming Pool and my name is Princess Mommy Sunglasses and David’s is Prince Magic Rings and Gregory is the Dread Pirate Baby Booty.  He would like to rename his daddy King Baseball Cap, but Nick was not responding to it, so he gave up on that idea.  (Oh, and since I’ve started typing this my name has changed to Princess Mama Mema.  The other names he gave out a few days ago, but apparently I get a new one now.  woo-hoo!)

I got a birthday card in the mail yesterday, as did David.  We’re conspiring to put our birthday money together and buy something fabulous.  We don’t know what.  But we only have $28 dollars now, as he had to put some of his money towards replacing something he broke in the backyard, so we may have to wait for another holiday to get more money for our something fabulous.  That’s okay.  We can be patient (we keep repeating that to ourselves, as we’re really not all that good at being patient.).

In other news, every time I turn my back on him Gregory does something else naughty.  This morning alone he has drank water from the toilet (using a medicine cup), eaten enough of my toothpaste that he might be minty for life, climbed inside the oven (one rack was set low and the other high and there was just enough room for him to climb in the middle.), taken all my money out of my purse and strewn it around the house, attempted to eat a beer bottle top that he dug out of the trash can, and dragged down the guitar (which he attempted to put on and play) & used the nunchuk from the Wii as a pick.

We had another successful playdate the other day.  Today we’re going to the park with a group of ladies not from my personal mom’s group, but from another one (my group doesn’t have anything scheduled that works with my calendar, but another group has graciously taken me in on their scheduled outings), and we’re also meeting friends there (who we’ve recently found out is the sister of another person we know).

Sorry if this post is scattered; I’ve been interrupted more times than you can imagine while typing.  (Plus the sound of Wii Bowling combined with the wild orchestral music from Yanni is a bit much to think over, especially when your ears are stuffed up enough that everything sounds like it’s inside a tin can.  FUN, I tell ya.)