This week

Books we checked out:

For the kids:

  • A Froggy Fable

This was Ben’s favorite.  The afternoon after we got it, he handed it to me and said “I’m doing reading ‘A Froggy Fable,’ Momma-mema,” which was amazing, as I’d not yet told him the title, nor read him the book.  I asked about how he knew the title and he said “Sometimes I can just read things inside my head.”

  • You are special, little one
  • Let’s pretend

Greg loved this one.  It featured kids dressed up as mommies, daddies, firefighters, dragons, etc. and tried to maintain a storyline throughout.

  • Sleepers
  • What is that?

For me:

  • A year without “Made in China”
  • The Palace of Illusions: A novel

We’re trying to track favorites and such.  Usually I’ll be copying/pasting from my library account, but this week I made due off the print-out they gave me, so there’s no authors listed.  Most of the kids books this week were board books, since it was just me and Greg doing the picking.  A Froggy Fable was not a board book.