a whirlwind kind of week…

Last week & the weekend went by far too quickly.  To sum up (this may take a while):

Wednesday: Three playdates in one day=crazy lady Lisa.  We had one at the park with a mom’s group + a friend with two kids.  Then in the afternoon we had our first-ever bring-a-kid-home-with-us-from-school playdate for David.  After dinner we had a playdate for Nick, sort of.  My friend B’s husband is a gamer and Nick went over to try it out, while the kids and I hung out with B & her kids.  It was a very long evening and things did not go quite as planned, but we did get to see a fabulous lightning storm on the way home, so that was at least something.

Thursday: I dropped the two older boys at school and ran five errands (with the baby & all the in-and-out nonsense with the carseat) and then collapsed in a heap.  I had a 101 fever and could not stop coughing.  It was bad.

Friday: Still sick.  Thought I might have to skip the bookstore/wedding extravaganza weekend.  Took the boys to Putt-Putt in the afternoon after I started feeling better.  They loved Putt-Putt.  Oh my.  (The Wii Sports package made my children so much more interested in sports, oh yes.)  At some point Nick realizes that he left no money in the account after bill-paying for me to take anything with me on the trip.  I was not amused.

Saturday: Not sick anymore.  Birthday money in hand, I left for DFW & bookstores & wedding.  Whirlwind crazy day with many bookstores & food at the Great Outdoors & Macaroni Grill & seeing two of my favorite people (Steph and Mikie).  Eventually got to the wedding of Gooch & Christi, after hotel map/google insanity and not-nearly-enough-time-to-get-ready (so if my hair was weird, now you know why).  The wedding was awesome, with Star Wars music & wookie sounds at the end and “We’ll talk about that later” in the vows.  The reception was even better.  There were pages for everyone to “be creative” with for the guest book.  Many people did not bother doing both sides, but mine was filled up front and back (one side with “old style paper blogging” of naughty quotes and the other nicely done for the scrapbook page.  There was an enormous amount of enthusiastically bad dancing.  Nothing was set on fire, but a lot was toasted over those little candles.  Saw lots and lots of people I haven’t seen in ages, which was fabulous, and a Girls Day Out was mentioned for the future, which I am looking forward to.  We headed out around 10:45 because we were exhausticated, but apparently things didn’t go on much longer than that.    (my meager amount of photos at flickr)

Sunday: Got up far too late and started the day at another bookstore.  Went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, which I’d never been to, but had heavenly cheesecake (Nick will learn to make the one I had; it was Lemon Raspberry).  Then I had to leave for home.  Came home, we each played one game on Wii Play (which was David’s present from Aunt Steph), then turned around and left for Bible study.  Discovered our IRS refund in the mailbox (which would have made the weekend less worry-making.  oh well, that’s what credit cards are for.).  Had pizza for dinner, watched the very first episode of the Care Bears tv show, and went to bed.

Today: Woke up late, in a panic, but not too late.  Took big kid to school, went to the bank, the gas station, the grocery store, and took a walk, all before 9am.  Then we cleanedcleanedcleaned and ate lunch.  Then I put the baby in his crib and told Ben not to bother me because it was “quiet time” and wow, I haven’t heard a peep for an hour now.  It’s so cool!  (He’s asleep, btw.)