oh so busy

I’m trying to remember what’s been keeping us so busy and my brain just whirls on and on.  Last week we had two park-related playdates, one with a new friend and one with an old friend.  The new friend works at the church, but is a comic book/Green Day fan with many tattoos.  The old friend is Z’s mom (Z, who is marrying Ben someday, as long as she can call him Mr. Ben-ana and they eat cookies instead of cake at the wedding).  We had lots of fun on both playdates.

This week we went to the DSP with a couple different families (due to a weird misremembered scheduling accident, but it worked out) and no children were lost permanently, but some were missing for about five minutes.  I’d forgotten that you can’t go anywhere in the month of May without running into some school group somewhere.  Drives me nuts.

We had meals at two new=ish places in town last week.  One I went to with my parents for lunch and it was a franchise of The Jalapeno Tree.  It was awful.  Just dreadful food and not great service.  They had lovely decor though.  The other place we went to for date night on Saturday and it was not part of a giant chain and did not have the loveliest decor, but had excellent service & food and even a piano/lounge singer and a mariachi band (Pico de Gallo, for those that want to know).

David has been out-and-about with cub scouts.  Did a hike at the local giant-park-and-trails place.  Went to a local baseball game.  Next week I’m taking them all to tour a tv startion & to watch the evening broadcast.  David will be getting a couple belt badges for bicycling and chess at the next pack meeting, too.

Let’s see, what else?  It’s National Teacher Appreciation week: don’t forget to thank your teachers!    We brought desserts to David’s school and presents for Ben & Greg’s teachers.  (We bought one for David’s teacher, but he’s forgotten to take it to her all week long.)  We’re going to take notes to the Sunday school teachers  & nursery workers this weekend, too (they already did an appreciation thing about a month ago and we brought food for them then).

It’s also doctor’s appointment week, it seems.  I finally got David in for his 7-year-old well-child check-up (I had no idea it would take so long for them to get him on the schedule).  He’s 4 foot, one inch tall now and weighs 56lbs.  I loved watching the neuro-check, it’s hysterical.  He and Gregory both got the HepA or HepB shots (whichever is the one they give to kids in school & daycare; I never can remember).  So I took them to McDonald’s afterwards, which has become a tradition.     I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for a check-up and actually found a friend both willing & available to watch my kids so they don’t have to be dragged along (It’s a hard combination to find, sadly).

Next week Nick will be out of town, as he’s going to some big long training/study session for his PE exam (which he’s taking in October).  It may not technically be the PE exam; he told me the other initials of the specific branch of the exam he’s taking and I can’t remember exactly (CSEPE?  Maybe?  Control Systems Engineer Practical Exam?).  I’m doing both the TV studio tour and the pack meeting on my own (with all three children), not to mention mom’s group and everything else.  I may go insane.  If you hear a giant “argh!” out of nowhere, it’s probably me.    (I did have a friend offer to take one of my kids during key moments next week if necessary, which is very much appreciated, but I’ll have to reciprocate during the next week with one of hers.  Fortunately, both kids we need to have out of the way are the laid-back, easy to deal with kids.)

Is that really all?  I don’t know.  I’m still finding jello soup everywhere….