pretty quiet here

It was actually pretty quiet here this week.  Monday I had this flurry of back-and-forth phone calls with the cub scout den & pack leaders, the end result of which was that we were having neither the TV station tour nor the pack meeting this week.  Our Tuesday night plans were likewise nonexistent.  So instead we’ve hung out with my parents a lot, weathered a really bad storm, hit the end-of-year mom’s group meeting (had an epiphany there, actually, more about that later), and took Ben to the world’s shortest doctor’s office visit (I only had one kid with me, so of course there was no wait this time).  Playdates were cancelled due to Ben’s illness (ear infection + virus) or rescheduled to next week.  And since we’ve not been at our house much, it’s actually stayed clean, which is heavenly.

In other news, the Great Computer Repair did not turn out well.  I bought a new power supply and I have nearly enough parts for three whole computers, but enough of them either a) don’t work or b) aren’t compatible with other components that I’d actually have to spend more money than I’d like to get them all together (which in my world means that I’d be spending nearly as much to get them together as I’d spend on a new-but-cheap complete system).  It’s very frustrating. We’re going to decide tomorrow whether we buy more parts or just a complete system (I love the tinkering, but I’m almost at the “just buy something new” stage).