Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone is having a happy day!

We’re all sick here, except the baby, who we can’t actually tell if he’s sick or not as he can’t speak up and say “I’ve got a headache and a sore throat” like the other kids can.  It took us a few hours when we got up to actually remember it was mother’s day.  Once we did, the one’s whose throats weren’t so bad ate some breakfast and the rest of us just watched.  Then I opened my presents: 1) a couple painted flowerpots (one from ben, one from david) 2) a pretty wine-themed apron (yes, I requested an apron–my old one was 11 years old and not pretty) 3) a Nikkon Coolpix 10 megapixel camera (actually my birthday and mother’s day gift combined).  Woot!

After that I called my mom and Nick tried to call his.  My mom is doing the Parade of Homes this weekend and my sister is visiting her right now as I type.  Nick’s mom wasn’t home when he called, but she had a really full day planned, so we’ll try again this evening.

Then we rested a bit more and cleaned house a bit while the kids “rested.” (I send them to their rooms for 45 minutes, it’s up to them whether or not they sleep.)  Nick has an apple pie in the oven right now.  It smells soooo good.

We’re having my favorite Nick dinner tonight (chicken with brown butter apple sage sauce and roasted red potatoes) and then I’m going to force him to watch the second installment of Cranford on Masterpiece Classic and afterwards we’ll watch some more Doctor Who.  Whee!

It’s been a really good day despite us all feeling poorly.