I was thinking the other day about resolutions and what mine should be this year.  I think mine from last year are still on the fridge, actually, but rather than look at the past, let’s look to the future, shall we?


  • This year I plan on losing 50 pounds.  Yes, fifty.  2011 was the year that I gained 25 pounds and I started out the year needing to have lost at least 25.  So that puts me at 50 pounds this year to lose.  My plans include a) having acquired a bunch of lovely to look at, but not in my size-range-yet clothes to spur me on, b) having rejoined Sparkpeople.com to chart my diet and exercise, c) having enlisted my husband into the process to help me keep on task and d) having filled up my netflix DVD queue with exercise titles solicited from friends that exercise-but-aren’t-exercise-fiends.


  • This year I also plan on returning to daily journaling.  I haven’t kept up on daily writing in a few years, so I thought that rather than make a word goal or a page goal, I’d make just writing a goal.  I’m going easy on my self this year and including any words I write go towards that, be they in a paper journal, here, on my RA blog, in poetry form, or fiction.  Just getting back in the writing habit.


  • I’m continuing on with my piano lessons this year, but that isn’t really a goal, is it?  So here’s a little goal: I plan on playing something for church every third month this year.  How’s that?


  • Last but not least, my husband and I have gotten ourselves a daily devotional to work on through the year.  This one is a Bible-in-a-year Couples devotional.  We’ve never tried doing something like this (reading a book let alone a devotional) together before, so that should be interesting.


There you have it: my plans for the year in a nutshell.  Hope y’all are having a great new year!


Someday I’ll be back again with tales of our last week of Winter Break.  Smile

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I think 6 pounds per month is completely do-able. I mean, that’s what it averages out to, anyway. The first month is usually the easiest to lose weight, and then there are the roller-coaster moments throughout the process. If you don’t let temporary set-backs stall you, you’ll do fine.

    I realized I am awful at doing anything daily. About the best you can hope for from me is to put in my contacts every day. So, I am in awe of anyone who can commit to doing something daily and then do it.

    Good on ya!


    1. Daily! Whee! I don’t do daily well at all. Today, for example, no exercise. I hate an interruption into my routine and since Nick was here I did not work out. I’ll see if I can work it in later while he’s cooking dinner.

      Anyway, yes 6 pounds a month. And right now I’m down 1.4 pounds from Monday already. I know it won’t always be this easy, but I’m taking it a day at a time. Last night we had to eat out unexpectedly, but we chose a healthier place, Subway, and I read about their healthiest sandwiches and got one of those piled high with veggies, no chips, and no soda. I was only 20 calories over and since I’d skipped an allowed snack earlier in the day I was still able to drink a full sized lite lemonade instead of water. Mmm…lemonade.


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