Beginning in just a little bit, I’m starting a new January challenge.  I really loved the one over at A Bowl Full of Lemons last January, but haven’t been able to find anything like it this year for the month, so I’m making one of my own.

Here’s the plan, each weekday I’m going to tackle a project that I’ve been talking about forever, but never get to.  I’m going to assign a day to each project and just work at it until it’s done or my time is up.  If you’d like to follow along and link to your own similar projects, I’ll include a linky at the bottom.  If you’ve got nothing similar, but just felt inspired to do something, anything that’s been on your list forever, link that up, too.  The more the merrier!

  • Week One starts now:

Thursday 1/5 Tidying up the computer area

Friday 1/6 Peeling up the remaining wallpaper in the bathroom

  • Week Two starts on Monday, it’s theme is basically “Starting with my own mess”

Monday 1/9  My bedside table is scary

Tuesday 1/10 My closet tries to eat stuff

Wednesday 1/11  My reading nook has crap under it

Thursday 1/12 Under the bed the drawers have found friends

Friday 1/13  The shelving units could be emptier

  • Week Three starts the following Monday, with it’s theme being “Places we hide stuff when company’s coming”

Monday 1/16 My eldest son’s closet has mostly my stuff in it

Tuesday 1/17 My youngest son’s closet is scarier than my bedside table

Wednesday 1/18 My middle son’s closet holds all the games

Thursday 1/19 The front hall closet I’m suspecting of having parties without me

Friday 1/20 Someplace else messy that’s not a closet 

  • Week Four’s theme will be “All the Stuff in the Universe:”

Monday 1/23 My craft desk is overflowing

Tuesday 1/24 My memory stuff is taking over

Wednesday 1/25 The garage needs tidying

Thursday 1/26 The media cabinet could be emptier

Friday 1/27 The piano & music center wants a shelf

  • Week Five is short because that’s all that’s left of January and I only have two bathrooms:

Monday 1/30 The kids/guest bathroom needs spiffying

Tuesday 1/31 My bathroom towel situation

On February 1st I’ll do a round up of before’s and after’s of all my spaces and then collapse into a heap for the rest of the month.

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Just Talk About it, Do It” Challenge

  1. OMG. That’s a full time job! I am amazed at your ambition! I think I would amend this to add a full day of rest – or a day just to do laundry – every Wednesday (Why Wednesdays? Because usually there are drink specials for ladies 😉 )

    I am looking forward to seeing how this works out for you. You might inspire me to get my husband to do all the things I’ve been putting off for a year.


    1. And then, of course, make him blog about it. 😉

      It really helped me get my house under control last year doing this kind of project. I like having a plan and knowing that others were expecting progress spurred me on like mad. 🙂


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