Over the winter break, I entered into a give-away over at Embracing and Being Embraced.  I don’t normally enter give-aways, as I never, ever win anything, but this time the give-away was for something I really wanted, so I thought I’d give it a try.  So imagine my joy when I got a message from the lovely Shanda saying I’d won!  🙂  The prize: a $20 credit towards merchandise from DaySpring.  I had to use it by December 31st, but I waited until after Christmas to try to get some post-Christmas-sales goodies.  I went and agonized for literally days over finding just the right items and placed my order December 30th.  I had the option to get FedEx or USPS to ship it for the same price and as I’d never tried FedEx before, I decided to be bold and try it.


Fast forward to today.  The doorbell rings and I hear a “thud” on my doorstep.  Look closely at the note, it’s funny:

(For those that didn’t click on it: the note, which I’m assuming should have been stuck to my front door, said that my package had been delivered to my front door.  Hilarious!)


I brought it in, happily finding a pair of scissors to open it right away, and not even slicing myself open along with the package.  😉  Here’s what I saw:

It looked good, really good.  (But wait, there’s only one spiral bound item in the box!  I accidentally ordered the wrong journal…but this one is super cute, too.)


I totally heart Holley Gerth, can you tell?  I used my credit towards: 1 thing for me (the journal), 1 thing for the family (the perpetual calendar), 1 thing to share (the book), and 1 thing to bless others (the inspirational cards).  I think I did pretty well.  Thanks so much, Shanda!


2 thoughts on “In the mail…

  1. That is so cool – and so much red! I hope those items bring you joy – they look really happy to use.

    I like the way you split up your winnings, but I want you to know that no one would have held it against you to have used it all on yourself. 🙂


    1. I hadn’t realized I was ordering so much red until I opened the box and then it was all shining out at me. Must have been the fact that everything was in the sale bin from Christmas. 🙂


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