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Don’t Just Talk About It, Day 2

I had to admit defeat on day 2.  I put my hardest-to-do thing there, it was a busy day, and I ended up with a migraine by 1pm.  *shakes head* The migraine went on and on, refused to let any remedies work on it, and I woke up the next morning with a weirder version of it than I’d gone to bed with.  Spent the next day battling the migraine and doing church stuff.  More about that later.  Anyway, I’m just going to continue on to day 3 tomorrow and hope that I catch up on day 2 sometime later this week.  🙂


I am a wife, mother, all around volunteer, and organizer of all that is around me. No, really, it is pathological, I can't help it. If you need help, you ask me, I help. I have a few chronic illnesses that try their hardest to slow me down, but my brain is the Energizer Bunny of brains and it demands that I try to do everything and try new things and keep going all the time. So here I am, blogging about it all.