It’s Day Three of the Challenge, which means it’s the beginning of Week 2.  This week I’m looking around at all my own messes in the house.  There’s a lot more of them than I’d thought I’d see.  This week I’m concentrating on my bedroom because that’s the room that always gets missed when we’re tidying up for company.  I’m really embarrassed to be posting these photos, y’all, but if this is what it takes to get me cleaning, then this is what it takes.


Today I cleaned up our bedside tables.  Mine is the one that everybody dumps everything they’ve found in other rooms of the house onto.  Everything.  Nick’s is the one where things get left when I need to take them into the bathroom and someone is in there (mainly necklaces and hair ties).



my side table & area

Nick’s side table & surrounding area


I brought out the “Please Put Away” box again and dumped everything that wasn’t trash and didn’t belong there into it, which was nearly everything.

Then I swept the room, dusted, and sprayed & scrubbed the tables, tray, lamps, and tchotchkes.



my side table now only contains things I need to a) sleep or b) make my way through my reading list.

Nick’s side table only contains the clock radio and his lamp, really.  I need to find something cute to cover the clock with at night still (the numbers shine too bright even on low and I don’t like sleeping with a sleep mask on EVERY night).


Much, much better!  🙂