Day Four!  I totally admit to doing this yesterday, as I knew I would not have a moment today to get to it.  Today’s goal was to DO SOMETHING about my closet.  The problems: 1) my kid likes to hide in there during hide-n-seek, 2) there’s no room for that without pulling down clothes, 3) I have no idea what’s back there under all that stuff, 4) scrapbooks ought to be out where they can be seen & admired, not trapped in the closet, 5) my shoe organizer does not work for me.


messes and piles and stuff on the floor, oh my!


I literally just pulled everything out and dumped it onto the floor.  My husband came home for lunch in the middle of all of this and I warned him not to go in there, as the mess might suck him into an evil vortex, but he did not heed my warning.  Fortunately the evil vortex must have gone out for lunch.

After I pulled everything out of the closet, I pulled everything off this little shelving unit (which was just more little junk) and put it into the back of the closet.


I put all the boxes of extra pictures  and my old diaries onto the shelves.  The sewing machine sits on top in the corner.  You can’t see it because of the angle of the photo, but there’s a ton of space in there for the smallest boy to hide now without disturbing my clothing.  Also, the clothing is once again in order by sleeve size, then color.

The other day when I was doing my desk area, I pulled out all the scrapbooks that had stuff in them out and put them where they can be accessed by everyone.  The kids have been loving looking through the family photos.  🙂  The magazine files that were on top the unit that went into the other side of the closet came in and were placed alongside the piles of miscellaneous stuff that lives in the closet.  My husband cleaned out his shoe area and allowed me a shelf over there again (I’d given it over to him when I put the shoe organizer that didn’t work into my side).  I have more shoes than I thought (most of them are for warm weather, go figure).  I also took time to hang up all the belts, put the scarves on a scarf organizer, place the unmatched socks into a bag for matching as more laundry gets done, and made a bin for our sermon notebooks (which I keep finding in random places throughout the house – they need a home!).

Anyway, I’d still like a chance to go through those little piles there, but for now the closet is looking so much nicer I’m just going to be happy with that.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Talk About It, Do It, Day 4

  1. That’s so inspiring. I try to think of anything I’ve gotten accomplished of that magnitude, and all I can think of is that I watched part of Muppets in Space last night. *sigh* I really need to organize my closet, too. I wonder how long that would take, and if I could tackle it in an evening. Maybe tonight. Your accomplishment has inspired me to try tonight.


    1. It only took about an hour. I still have some of my box of things that need to find another home, but the reason it all ended up in the closet was because it didn’t have another home. That’ll take longer.


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