IMG_2692We decided yesterday that it was going to be our play-in-pajamas-stay-indoors kind of day because we needed one and hadn’t really had a chance to have a day alone, so we spent the morning inside doing practically nothing productive (like watching movies and playing video games and reading magazines), but halfway through that we got a text from a friend begging us to meet her and her kids at the playground, as they’d been sick all break and could use a day outside in the fresh air (what’s that?).  So we spent the afternoon at the school playground, playing football and soccer and keep-away and climbing things.  It was great fun!  🙂

Then that night I got to go out with several of my favorite “local” people.  I put that in quotes because one lives a few blocks from me and another a few miles, and then one lives 20 miles outside of town and the last one 45 miles away.  I think it’s funny that they all are “local” even in our small town.  We last got together on my birthday last year, what with one thing and another.  It was a weird meeting even then.  I thought I was mixing up my friend groups and that only a couple people knew each other (there were 6 of us then), but everyone turned out to know everyone else and it was fabulous.  So one of the gals mentioned meeting up again and we made it happen and it was, indeed fabulous again!  🙂  We’re already planning another night out together.  🙂  I’m very pleased because these are some of my oldest friends in town.  🙂  Others have requested an “in” with the group…we shall see, we shall see.  🙂  I think our real common core is our ability to laugh at ourselves.  🙂


Today we got up, late, as is the course of things this week.  Today it caused a bit of panic.  I needed to have gotten up early to tidy for the babysitter, who was coming in unreasonably early to watch the boys while I got my RA infusion.  I went out to pick up donuts while 2/3rds of the kids were asleep, but I couldn’t find my debit card once I got there, so I came home empty handed and dreading identity theft and called around to make sure that wasn’t the case and made a quick casserole, which no one really ate.  Had my infusion, which was awkward due to several issues, and came home and “rested” which means got-crawled-on-by-boys-while-playing-on-facebook-and-reading-to-boys-and-feeding-them-occasionally.  Whee!

Nick eventually came home and we got things ready for church tomorrow and ate dinner.  Now everyone is asleep except for me and Greg.  He says he’s having nightmares.  Ha.  He hasn’t slept a full night in his own bed (it’s like musical beds around here) since Halloween, not that I blame him.  I haven’t slept or had a crying-free day since his friend’s mom (my friend Jelena) was murdered and her brother kidnapped either.  We should probably seek therapy or something.  I just keep telling myself that it could be worse and that really I should get over it.  It’s not that easy, though.  I’ve been writing sad poetry again.  That seems to help.  I guess 6-year-olds don’t really do sad poetry.  They sleep with their mamas.  Ah well.

I’ve run out of things to say today.  Good night, people!