Stuff and Nonsense

I never feel like posting anymore.  I’ve been cleaning house and going to church and cleaning house and doing PTA stuff and more of the cleaning house.  I haven’t been subbing, because there is apparently a three-strike’s-you’re-out policy behind the scenes at the elementary school and I said no three times last month (one doctor appointment for me, two days of sick kids).  My friend M has a brain aneurysm and had to have surgery, one of our parents (I can’t say who; I’m not allowed) turned up positive for a kind of cancer.  All three of my kids have had Fifth Disease this month at various times.   I saw my doctor for my annual physical and the answer to most of my questions was “weight loss would help with that.”

So… yeah.  I’ve started several little projects: I’m uploading all my CD’s to iTunes.  I’m taking advantage of Library Things free month thingie and uploading my library again and trying to update that.  I’m letting Picasa identify all the people in all the photos left on my hard drive and tag them.  I’m back to some scrapbooking again, trying to use up all of the already pre-printed photos before I start just putting together photo books online in the future.  I’m selling stuff on local sales sites on facebook and using the money to spruce up the house, since I’m not getting substituting jobs.

Sorry I’m full of the grump today.  I think this year is getting to me.  Or maybe it’s all the beginning trumpet music from the next room.  Who knows.  I am just so tired.