I fully admit to it: I am addicted to Pinterest.  I haven’t posted much craft-like since I really started looking around there, I know, so here’s my round-up of what I’ve done inspired by things I saw on there.

I saw some baby pacifier moustaches and made those (pictured in the previous baby shower post), then adapted them for big boys as well.  They’ve been quite the hit.

I posted this one to Facebook, but this was the T-shirt scarf I made.  I’ve since made it in two other colors.  I have to say: 1) it looks so much better with a new t-shirt rather than an old faded one and 2) make sure your fabric is absolutely regular t-shirt material.  I did one that had extremely subtle ribs in the fabric which I didn’t notice until I did the stretching.  It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t as cute, in my opinion.  I also tried the other one linked here where it’s manymany stretched bits of cut shirt, but it was not cute at all, so I took no pictures.

I got the idea for placing the poster board on the TV screen and tracing my cartoon character to make a poster off pinterest.  (Yes, you’ve seen this before on the birthday party post, but I didn’t give pinterest the credit.)  I didn’t keep the link or I’d post it here.

I made a reading nook for the kids (& their friends) behind Greg’s bed using the edge of the shelf and the edge of the nearby dresser for the curtain to spring-rod into.  The curtain is kid height, so parents can look straight in, but they are curtained off from brothers.  🙂

I had this old cork board that has lived various places in our house for years.  It was never quite big enough for hanging regular sized pieces of paper on, but it’s perfect as a board for notes on who we’re praying extra for this week.  🙂

Used my Pinterest-enhanced spray painting skills to paint this TV tray so it can go with my living room in my new reading nook.  🙂

Ok, so you can’t see it too clearly, but I had never thought about hanging extra seasonal stuff from my chandelier before Pinterest.  Sad, but true.  I don’t have a link to go with this.   I’ll post another photo later of it decked out for winter.

I did my hair differently for Thanksgiving, using a suggestion I found on Pinterest.  I think it turned out cute.  🙂

I thought these signs were so cute, so I made one of my own.  I used an old project (the scrapbook-paper covered cookie sheet with clothespins I made in MOPS a couple years ago, but never used for anything) and made it new with a little sign and socks.  Sadly, these were the cutest socks to be found in our household.  Also sadly I still have a whole basket of mismatched socks in my bedroom.

I saw lots and lots of glitter painted branches on Pinterest.  I thought I’d grabbed a can of silver glitter, but alas it was red inside.  It’s a really subtle look, very hard to see or photograph.  The branches are sitting in the broken-topped compost bin.  (Nick bought a new one already that’s bigger and easier to clean.)

I know most of you see something like this every day, but I’ve lived in this house 8 years and never had a vehicle that fit into our ridiculously short garage. (I’d hoped to get this done after the garage sale in August, but the garage was still too full.)  I read an article through Pinterest on just getting over yourself and getting the work done.  So I did.  🙂

You might have seen this in one of the other photos, but I found this image on Pinterest.  The link itself lead to nothing (sometimes they do that), but the image was cute, printed out okay, and looks nice matted & framed in my hallway.  (Sorry for the bad photo.)

We discovered on Pinterest that you could use regular metal cookie cutters as pancake shapers.  We used a moose cutout for this one, but the legs fell off as we took it out.  I say “we” but really it was Ben poking the moose out.  😉  He was a great helper!  🙂

I made these t-shirt pom-pom necklaces for friends this year.  (Sorry if you’re seeing this before being gifted.  We had a random extra mom at playgroup this week and it felt awkward to gift the old friends without gifting the new one. ) They were a wonderful use of the extra bits of shirts leftover from the scarf making.

I made these from another one of the dead-end posts on Pinterest.  I saw the pattern, but there were no instructions, so I made it up as I went along, adding leaves, beads, & pins on the back.  The first couple were made out of tail ends of other projects, but the rest were made to purpose.  They’re for teachers gifts this year (well, all except one teacher.  David reminded me that a man probably wouldn’t appreciate these. *sigh* )

Another kind of dead-end post activity.  This one was linked to a blog in another language.  I think this may have been something she purchased.  In any case, no instructions there.  I made mine out of a cardboard box that was destined for the recyclers, some silver paint from another project, recycled ribbon from a gift bag, other ribbon that I never could find a use for due to it’s weird color, and a photocopy of the Sugar Plum Fairy music for easy piano, one of my favorite childhood pieces.

We made these shrinky dinks from #6 plastic, the kind you generally find pastries in at the grocery store.  It can’t be recycled in our area, so up til now we’ve been tossing these on the rare occasions that we buy pastries.  (My parents buy them more often, so I’ve been dumpster diving over there.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.) Anyways, the kids have LOVED this activity, so we’ll be on the lookout for bigger pieces so we don’t have to use the crinky edges again (those weird looking ones in the middle.)

This last one was probably the least successful of my Pinterest inspired things.  The instructions said to use a protractor, and I’m fairly certain we didn’t have one.  That’s not what bugged me about it, actually.  What bugged me was the super fine glitter I used.  It went everywhere, stuck to everything BUT the snowflake.  Then the leftovers didn’t want to go back into the jar.  So, the moral of the story, don’t buy cheapo Wal-Mart glitter.  (Also, I need a better way to hang it from the brick.)

So there it is.  You’d wondered where I’d been: Pinterest.  Looks pretty good, yes?

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  1. Yes, LOVE Pinterest!! I’ve used a few ideas from there… and more to come! So fun seeing more of your projects! 🙂 Great visiting with you a bit today, and now I’ve found you here!!


  2. Fun, fun, fun!!! Loved your blogpost! I think I am hopelessly addicted to pinterest, too! …and I love seeing the things you did as well as your pins!


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