I guess I should catch up with the rest of the week first.  All righty then!   Wednesday I went to the doctor for my physical.  We talked about many things, like my meds (they've changed), my blood pressure (it's happy), my anxiety (lessened by meds, yay!), weight loss (uh, yeah), and my heart condition, … Continue reading Weeeeeeekend!

Happy Easter!

More photos here. We stayed in our town for Easter this year, which meant a bit of extra planning on my part to make the day something both predictable and unique. We got up and had our baskets (filled with both toys & candy–in order to disguise the fact that they were light on candy). … Continue reading Happy Easter!

new photos for you!

Here, have some photos… my azaleas have been moved to the front yard where I can actually see them and they’re blooming so happily! Palm Sunday, so of course there’s a palm fight! HOSANNA! he yelled…or that was what he was trying to yell anyways… Kay or Bob or someone took this photo of me … Continue reading new photos for you!

snow that stayed a bit…

All morning long there were big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. We kept the house quiet, doing indoor things like baking chocolate chip muffins, drinking hot cocoa by the fire, & snuggling under the blankets reading snowy day books. Click here for photo set.