1. I have exercised this week.  I’m stretching each morning and trying not to fall on my face. I’m following the Workout Trainer App on my Android and while I’m not in love with it, it’s better than nothing for a free exercise course to get me started.  Also, my friend Monaca and I agreed that we’re not getting any skinnier meeting for sweet rolls and floofy drinks, so we’re going to try walking in the future around Rose Rudman trails instead.

This is not Rose Rudman, but a walking trail close to home that I can use in the evenings. And these are the sweet kids playing there.

2. I have figured out a better daily schedule, but it includes me getting up at 5am.  Umm.  I’m not getting ahead on that plan, so I re-revised it and now I’m getting up at 5:30 and doing the aforementioned exercising in the comfort of my own room. Whee!  I’m also writing a bit more, not fiction yet, but daily stuff and a little poetry that’s rattling around in my brain lately.  Also taking care of the kids and trying to make life more sane.

3. I’m doing a Bible study off the YouVersion app and answering its questions. Not as good as going to one with other people, but way better for scheduling.  For real people, I’m going to a weekly book study on Raising Resilient Children (that’s the authors website).  It’s a really good book and has challenged me to respond better to my children.

A good book about child rearing.  Go, read it!  :)

4. Today I’m booking our trip to the UK for June.  Thursday night Nick and I are discussing our hotel options and more detailed itinerary.  Whee! (Two goals for the price of one?)

5.  I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for the iPhone, since the SparkPeople app cost a ridiculous amount of money for the update (it used to be free).  So now I have two fitness pals (one a very skinny lady indeed and one person who I don’t remember at the moment) and I can track my food weirdnesses.  Whee!

See, we're eating healthier already!  :)
See, we’re eating healthier already! 🙂

6. There is never going to be a #6.

7.  Scaling back on the internet, I figured out how to add people to my acquaintances list on Facebook, so they practically never show up.  It even suggested people.  Some of them I didn’t acquantintize.  Yeah, not a word.  Whatever.  Also, set all my newsreader subscriptions to Mark All Read so I’m not tempted to try to catch up and so am just starting over.  I may dump some, we shall see.  I also set my FB notifications to archive immediately so I’m not having to see them all the time.

4 thoughts on “Quantifiable things

  1. Wow Lisa, I do not even have one goal right now. Well that’s not true I am staying off of fb for 2 weeks. But that’s it. You are doing awesome!!!!! I am so ready to start working out. Waiting for the all clear from the Neurosurgeon on Feb. 5 which I doubt I am going to get because the neck still feels awful most days. Oh wait, this is your blog, not mine. Sorry! I so enjoyed reading. Thanks for letting me be a part! Now to go get caught up on some more of it.


  2. Hi Lisa your blog is brilliant and really interesting! I cant believe you are going to the UK in June!! Whereabouts are ye going? Pity it doesnt include Ireland.


    1. We are having trouble finding plane tickets at the moment, Theresa, but if we manage to get them we will definitely be in Ireland. 🙂 I wouldn’t travel THAT far and miss out on a chance to finally hug you in person, my friend!


      1. Victory! 🙂 We will be headed to Ireland in early July, the first weekend. We’ll fly into Dublin and that’s as far as our planning goes so far, though we know we’ll be in Carlow both Saturdays for church. 🙂


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