Happy November!

Did I say that the other day?  I do love November, though.  It's one of the nicer months of the year.  Here in Texas it is finally getting crisp and nice outside.  The boys and I spend as much time outside as we can.  I also like that for us, at least, it is one … Continue reading Happy November!

Why does February always suck?

So hey, it's February, and so therefore we have the Plague.  David has this on again off again stomach virus at least one day every week since the end of January.   Ben & Nick have been coughing, but seem okay for the most part. Greg has been snotty & feverish and coughing for a solid … Continue reading Why does February always suck?

Thoughts in 140 characters

06:13 Yesterday: writing, more writing, then excellent Variety Show at church. Today: all the laundry in universe & N to gun show, me to gem show. # 10:56 B is getting his babies ready for church: "This one is going for Fancy Dress Night to a dance & this one is just going to regular … Continue reading Thoughts in 140 characters

Thoughts in 140 characters

09:54 Letting the kids watch Star Wars while I catch up on my writing forum, which I've neglected this week. I've been writing this week, though. # 13:48 Made my 2YN notebook & did a bunch of work on my setting questions, which lead my story places I wasn't expecting. FUNFUNFUNFUN! 🙂 # Automatically shipped … Continue reading Thoughts in 140 characters


...apparently my new twitter cross-poster is not cross-posting. How sad. I think most of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook though, so I guess it's not much of a loss. This week I've been obsessing about writing. Update at http://awamiba.dreamwidth.org/ Other than that, there's been a lot of cleaning/organizing/tidying and kid silliness and playing … Continue reading Hmmm…