Create more

I'm finally getting around to the "Create more" portion of "Pin-free February!" The first thing I'm trying to "create more" of is less chaos.  🙂  I know that sounds weird, but that's the first thing on my list.  So I've been emptying bins around the house and making sure that they are filled with what … Continue reading Create more

Little things

David stayed home Friday, so we stayed home and I did some little things I'd been meaning to get to (photo editing, making appointments, etc.) 🙂 Greg helped Nick make dinner that night, which was super cute. :)Then later Nick and I had a wine & cheese night. 🙂 It was lovely. Yesterday was a … Continue reading Little things

Merrily I Roll Along

I'm adding to this post as I go on today.  Seemed like fun! My bedroom & bathroom before (the parts I'm working on today only): 9am After: 10am: noon My spouse is home for lunch, but he is very busy preparing things for dinner. Apparently it is multi-step and I will need to assist as … Continue reading Merrily I Roll Along

More organizing

I promised more organizing for the next day's post and many days have gone by and I can't remember any more what I organized, so I'm looking through my pictures to help me remember: Honestly, I've gotten nothing else done since then, except a tiny bit in my makeup & hair boxes.  Steph and I … Continue reading More organizing

Working life is full of fullness!

I was talking to a friend today over "coffee" (I had chai tea and she had lemonade, actually, but we will still call it "coffee" because I can't think of anything better right now) about the challenges of working a non-specific schedule.  I had had all these plans to organize the whole house this week, … Continue reading Working life is full of fullness!

January Projects

As you know, I go crazy in January and start cleaning and organizing everything in sight.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the cold, rainy weather.   Yesterday I tackled my hallway bathroom closet, which I guess could also be called my linen closet.   Before:   During: After several hours and possibly a billion … Continue reading January Projects

Greetings world!

I'm working on the blog over the next day or so.  I got some really icky comments from some really icky seeming people this week and I'm rethinking the blog format and how to keep my little family safe and secure while still sharing with y'all some of the fun and crafty and book reading … Continue reading Greetings world!

Don’t Just Talk About It, Round Up

Yesterday was the last day of my personal challenge.  I will admit that I was a little sad that no one joined me on it.  Oh well,  moving on.   Here’s a round up of areas that I worked on that I somehow managed not to post photos of earlier in the process.  Some were … Continue reading Don’t Just Talk About It, Round Up

Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 13,14, & 15

When I first made my list earlier this month, I had no idea that I'd end up having the kind of week I have scheduled ahead of me.  Monday I have a two-hour webinar for scouts, Tuesday I'm going to spend all day driving to and from Dallas with David, getting his back checked for … Continue reading Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 13,14, & 15